Please take the time to read and understand the following list of studio policies at Millennium Dance Complex Denver (“MDCD”). We strive to keep this a professional and positive environment for all of our students. The policies below also contain the MDCD drug and alcohol policy. Please follow these policies for the success of our studio and for our students continued growth.

Also, please remember that ADULT CLASSES ARE RESERVED FOR STUDENTS 18+ YEARS OLDStudent’s under the age of 18 must take classes in their respective age group, unless otherwise approved by the MDCD studio director.  Recreational students under the age of 16 will NOT be considered for adult classes.


  1. Classroom – If a student is sick, please DO NOT come to dance class until the student is fever free and vomit free for 24 hours, and/or is not contagious.
  2. Classroom – No chewing gum allowed.
  3. Classroom – No leaning on the wall, shoes on the wall, touching glass or mirrors.
  4. Classroom – Water only. No food, sports drinks, soft drinks, or drinks with coloring are allowed.
  5. Classroom – No talking when teacher is teaching and no leaving without teacher permission
  6. Classroom – No cell phone usage.
  7. Classroom – If a student is more than 10 minutes late, the student may not be allowed into class.
  8. Lobby – No food (meals) allowed (i.e. fast food, pizza, sandwiches, burritos, etc.).
  9. Lobby – MDC Kids are allowed to eat small, healthy snacks.
  10. Lobby – Do not touch or tap on the glass, lean on the window, stand on benches or distract dancers in the classroom.
  11. Lobby – Do not enter any studio, even empty studios, unless you are a student in that class or you are with a teacher.
  12. Lobby – No filming or taking pictures of any class from the lobby without permission.
  13. Lobby – Use headphones, and please keep noise to a minimum so classes and front desk staff are not distracted.


Please help management keep things running smoothly and make sure you and your student(s) follow the dress code and all the studio policies. In order to keep our unique, positive and stress free culture, it is up to both MDCD and the parents to have open communication, and help enforce policies together, as a team.  Please Schedule a meeting with the owners so we can address, and resolve any issues professionally. DO NOT gossip, spread rumors or vent to other parents, or bring negativity into MDC Denver.  The following items pertain directly to parents.

  1. We highly encourage parents to drop their students off. Due to our small waiting area, an excess of observers can be distracting to both teachers and dancers.
  2. Do not open the studio door, walk in the studio or be disruptive during class. Non-students, including parents are not allowed in the classrooms at anytime, including after master classes.
  3. Shades on the classroom windows are in place so the students can receive distraction free training. Please do not ask the teacher to open the shades and please do not press your face to the window.
  4. If a student must leave class early, coordinate with the front desk or teacher ahead of time, and do not open the studio door.
  5. If you need to meet with a teacher, please coordinate a time with the front desk
  6. Always keep a watchful eye on children, siblings, etc., especially small children, and please refrain from bringing toys or loud/distracting devices.
  7. Please do not allow children to touch or lean on the glass, stand on the benches, or crawl on the floor in the hallways. This is for the safety of your children and the students entering and exiting class.


Parents, any open criticism of the studio, management, teachers, other parents or dancers will not be tolerated by MDCD management. This applies inside the studio or any event outside the studio. If this happens:

  1. First offense will lead to a 3 month ban (or permanent, based on the statement and action), at the sole discretion of the studio director, from MDCD. The student may still take class, but the offending party will only be allowed to pick-up and drop-off, and may not enter the studio.
  2. Second offense will lead to a 6 month ban (or permanent, based on the statement and action) from MDCD. The child may still take classes, but the offending party will only be allowed to pick-up and drop-off, and may not enter the studio.
  3. Third and Final offense will lead to a permanent ban from MDCD. The studio director will then decide if the child will be able to continue in the program.


The lobby is used as the MDCD office for our front desk staff, and we greatly appreciate all efforts to keep noise at a minimum. We encourage adult students, parents, children and siblings to use head phones in the lobby while listening to music, watching movies, watching YouTube, etc. Excess noise distracts dancers, clients and the staff. Please be aware of your surroundings and be respectful.


This is a family friendly establishment. Any person either under the influence, or that smells strongly like any substance (alcohol, marijuana, etc.) will be asked to leave the studio, as it will be assumed that person is under the influence. At that time, we will be required to contact another parent/legal guardian to provide alternate transportation for the minor.  Per the Police Department, “minors may not enter a vehicle with a party that is under the influence or assumed to be under the influence.” Per our policy, which is based on Police Department recommendation, MDCD will contact the Police Department and allow them to resolve the issue.

Failure to comply with the request to leave, and/or becoming argumentative, will result in MDCD calling the police to resolve the situation.  Additionally, the person(s) being combative will be permanently banned from the studio, and put their child or friends at risk of being permanently banned too, at the studio director’s sole discretion.

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