Ballet Pointe & Pre-Pointe:  Students are required to attend the 4:30 pm class as a daily pre-requisite to take Pointe & Pre-Pointe.  Students that are approved for Pointe are required to take a minimum of 2 ballet classes (2.75 hours) and Pointe class (.75 hours) each week (3.50 hours per week).  Students not training consistently in ballet will be removed from Pointe, at the teachers sole discretion.  This is for student safety.

Contemporary:  Students must have a minimum of 2 prior years relevant ballet experience to attend contemporary class.


Drop-In Classes (MDCD Kids)

      • Changes EFFECTIVE AUGUST 6, 2018.
      • We will honor existing class passes until they are used or they expire.
      • Drop-in classes are purchased by the number of class HOURS and valid for 30 DAYS.
      • Classes are not guaranteed.  To guarantee classes, we highly recommend tuition.

MDC Kids Tuition

      • Tuition students can sign-up in advance and must sign-up for the same classes each month.
      • Once a tuition student enrolls for a class, they are guaranteed their spot.
      • Contract is by session, and requires a 45 day written cancellation notice. If notice is not provided, contract will auto-renew for the subsequent session.
      • Clients must enroll in monthly auto-draft. If a client refuses auto-draft, they will be required to purchase a daily punch cards.
      • Tuition classes not used within the month will expire, without exception.
      • Tuition is not pro-rated or discounted if the studio is closed for holidays, weather, etc.
      • Tuition payments more than 10 days late will be charged a $25 late fee.

Sibling Discounts (Tuition Only)

      • Students are required to be enrolled in monthly auto-draft.
      • Drop-in students are not eligible.
      • The highest price tuition is always full price.  The following discounts are available for families:
        • 1st student’s tuition payment will be full price
        • 2+ student(s) will receive a 10% discount on monthly tuition.
      • These are NOT available for competition team students or drop-in students.


MDC Denver tuition clients must enroll in monthly auto-draft.  Payments will be withdrawn on the 2nd of each month. Clients that register during the current month will be charged a pro-rated amount, and auto-draft will be effective the 2nd day of the subsequent month.  Cancellation must be submitted in writing 45 days in advance.