Tasha Hamilton Masterclass 11/5 at 11am (2 Hours)

Tasha Hamilton Master Class 11/5

Matt Steffanina Masterclass 10/1 at 4PM & 6PM

Matt Steffanina Master Class 10/1

Kenya Clay Master Class 10/1 at 11:00 AM

Kenya Clay Master Class 10/1

JoJo Gomez Master Class 9/30 at 8PM

JoJo Gomez Master Class 9/30

Janelle Ginestra Master Class 9/3 at 5PM

Janelle Ginestra Masterclass 9/3

Hamilton Evans Jazz Funk Masterclass 8/20 at 4PM & 6PM

Hamilton Evans Masterclass 8/20

Antoine Troupe Masterclass 7/18 at 6:00PM & 7:30PM

Antoine Troupe Masterclass 7/18

JoJo Gomez Masterclass 6/17 at 5:30PM & 6/18 at 1:00PM

  JoJo Gomez Masterclass 6/17 & 6/18

Janelle Ginestra Master Class 6/11 at 4 & 6 PM

Take a Master Class from Janelle Ginestra 6/11

JoJo Gomez Master Class 6/2 at 7PM

Come take a Master Class from JoJo Gomez 6/2 &nb…

Rudeboy Master Class 6/2 at 5PM

Come take a Master Class from Rudeboy 6/2  

Taylor Edgin Master Class 5/18 at 6:00 PM

Come take a Master Class from Taylor Edgin 5/18

Brinn Nicole Master Class 5/12 at 8:30PM

Come take a Pumpfidence Master Class from Brinn Nicole…

JoJo Gomez Master Class 5/7 at 7PM

Master Class from JoJo Gomez & Jade 5/7


Terms & Conditions

Thank you for reviewing the Millennium Dance Complex Denver ("MDC Denver") terms and conditions of service for Master Classes held at MDC Denver.  All Master Class purchases, without exception, are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  All Master Classes will be taught at an advanced level, unless indicated in the Master Class description.


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