Millennium Dance Complex Denver (“MDCD”) is entering its 3rd competition season.  MDCD has been very successful during competitions and conventions, however, our success is the direct result of the high level training provided by the MDCD faculty and the hard work put in by each student.  Since competitions can be highly subjective, MDCD structures its program to concentrate on student growth,  and the overall happiness of its dancers.

MDCD has many ties to Los Angeles, so our main training focus is on industry dance styles (contemporary, hip hop, jazz and jazz funk).  MDCD takes pride in all technique, including ballet, jazz and leaps & turns.  However, MDCD only requires a maximum of 3 hours of ballet each week, and pointe is not required.  At MDCD, technique is treated as part of the overall dance experience, as we believe that our student’s success is only possible because of the high level of technique training we offer, which cultivates growth in all industry dance styles.

MDCD is a unique drop-in style training studio. Team students will always have a place in classes, but MDCD does allow non-team students the opportunity to train in “team level” classes.  If classes have availability, non-team students can take class based on age, ability and maturity. Should a student decide that MDCD is the right home studio, please be open minded to learn in a new and progressive studio with a unique training philosophy. Drop-in to a class today and see why MDCD is the right choice for your student!!

Past Guest Choreographers

JoJo Gomez

JoJo Gomez

Janelle Ginestra

Janelle Ginestra

Kenya Clay

Kenya Clay

George Jones Jr.

George Jones Jr.

Donivan Okimura

Donivan Okimura

Competitions & Conventions

MDCD competition team dancers are required to participate in 2 friends and family showcases (Dec & May), 2 regional conventions and 3 regional dance competitions. Additionally, our large group hip hop team will perform at Monsters of Hip Hop and is required to attend the Monsters of Hip Hop convention.  Although this convention is optional for the rest of the team, we highly recommend that all of our dancers participate in this amazing experience and cheer on our dancers during their performance.



MDCD allows ALL team students to participate in solos, duets and trios.  Students looking to compete in solos, duets and trios ONLY are required to audition, and required to sign a contract and commit to the same training hours as the competition team.  These dancers will be placed in the dance style in which they are deemed strongest during auditions. Choreographer preference will be given to competition team students, and the student must use a choreographer affiliated with MDCD. Please do not ask choreographers until after auditions on June 10, 2017.

Below is the process to compete in solos, duets and trios:

  1. Fill out a request form and list your top two choreographers
  2. Receive approval from MDCD and the choreographer
  3. Pay the $160 studio rental fee (8 hours) or $200 (10 hours). Additional team rates are $10 per 1/2 hour.
  4. Discuss rates for solo/duet/trio with the choreographers (contractors)
  5. Reserve rehearsal times with the front desk

Master Classes

MDCD focuses on the growth and development of all our dancers. The exposure to our amazing guest choreographers during master classes allows dancers to build confidence while learning high level choreography retention from the best in the industry.  Competition team dancers are required to take (5) five master classes during the 2017-2018 dance season, and these five classes are chosen by the studio director.

Master Classes in 2016-2017 included JoJo Gomez, Janelle Ginestra, Jersey, Karon Lynn, Hamilton Evans, Matt Steffanina, KK Harris, Antoine Troupe and more.

Summer Intensives

Technique Intensive – This two week intensive is REQUIRED for the MDCD competition team. CLICK HERE for dates and cost.

Industry Intensive – The industry intensive was a huge success!  We want to thank Alex Fetbroth, Karon Lynn, Kenya Clay, Jersey, George Jones Jr, Celeste Cancel, Lexi Theodore and Alexis Saenz for two days of amazing classes!  Please look for information about the 2018 industry intensive, which will be available soon.

2018 Tuition

Tuition is 10 payments from August 2018 – May 2019, and is due on the 2nd of each month.  Pre-payment discounts are available for most rates, and are due by August 1, 2018.

Level Tuition Paid in Full Discount Training Hours Rehearsal Hours
Mini (6-8 yrs old) $245/month TBD% 4.5/week .75 per dance
Junior (9-11 yrs old) $300/month TBD% 8/week .75 per dance
Teen (12-14) $300/month TBD% 10/week .75 per dance
Senior (15-19) $300/month TBD% 10/week .75 per dance

2018 Team Fees

Team fees are TBD, and include entry for 5 competitions, costumes (excluding shoes, make-up, convention fees and guest choreography fees), extra team rehearsal time and coaches at competitions.

Nationals (MDCD Los Angeles Optional Training Trip)

In lieu of Nationals during the 2017-2018 dance season, MDCD is going to host an optional training trip to Los Angeles, California.  Dancers will have the opportunity to participate in private master classes, train at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, IMMASPACE and other amazing studios.  Dates are TBD.

Team Auditions – June 2, 2018

After the audition registration form is submitted, you will be re-directed to the Millennium Dance Complex Denver Mind Body login page.  Please create an account, go to the online store and purchase your audition registration spot.  Spots will not be held until the audition has been paid for.

Register for 2018 Auditions Here. Spots are not confirmed until payment is received.